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Participant Report Option

Ability to run Participant report for a single participant

How to run Participation report for a single participant

There is currenlty not a simple one-step way to run the Participation report for one participant, however it can be done. There are basically two ways to run the Participation report.

(1) Under the Organization or Events menu and the Reports tab. The Participation report includes everyone who signed up for the selected event(s).

(2) Under the Database menu and the Reports tab. The Participation report includes either everyone (if you select all Database participants) or only the participant(s) who you have added to a selected Group. You can run this report for one participant by creating a group (under the Groups tab) and then adding one participant to that group.

For either of the above reports, if you select the Excel format you can use Excel to further filter the records down to one participant.

Depending on what information you are looking for you can also view the activity log for one participant (under the Participants tab) by pressing More... beside the participant and then pressing Activity.


How to run a participant report for a single participant

Dumping the full file to Excel and sorting by individual is incredibly cumbersome and time consuming. It would be great if as an Administrator I could run the same view as a participant when they see "View My Commitments". Should also include a date range option.

Participant report for individual participant

We should have the ablility to run the Database Participants and Participation reports for individual participants added later this month.

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Participant report for individual participant


Participant reports by individual

Checking in on availability of this report....

Single Participant Report

You can now run both Database reports on a single participant or selection of participants. To do so:

  1. Administer your iVolunteerOnline account as a Primary or Organization administrator and go to the Database menu.
  2. Check the boxes next to volunteers you would like to run your report on in the Participants tab.
  3. Go to the Reports tab to choose your report, and select "[number] Selected in Participants Tab" as the Include Participants option. The number will be however many volunteers you selected on your Participants tab.
  4. Click "Run Report" to see the report on the selected participants.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need help with anything!