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Pick slot dates

Is there any way to pick dates for a task that spans several days? I have volunteers I need to come in 9/19-9/21 but my event spans 9/19-9/24.

Conveniently Signing Up Volunteers for Multiple Dates

Sorry for the delay respondiong to this.

There are several ways to handle signing the same volunteer up for multiple dates. In this scenario where you want to sign up the individual for the 19th, 20th, and 21st, I would take one of the approaches:

OPTION 1 (recommended) - Separate slot positions. Create three separate slot positions, one for each date and ask the volunteer to self-sign-up for all 3 or have an administrator sign them up for all 3. Once a volunteer has signed up and confirmed their email in one slot, their information will auto-compelte when they sign-up for an additioanl slot, so this option may not be as inconvenient as it may seem at first. This approach further allows the volunteer or administrator to cancal or substitute individiual volunteers on each day.

OPTION 2 - A single slot position representing multiple dates. If you are certain that you will not need to break out the sign-ups into the individual dates, you can create a task tab with the Task Date Option set to "task is on one date," set the date to the first date of your 3 dates (e.g. the 19th), UNcheck "show task date", and describe the relevant 3 dates within the task tab's decription. Create a single slot position in the task.

ADVANCED FEATURE: If your volunteers are needed for the same dates over the course of multiple weeks or months, using either option above, you can then use the Copy Event feature to create a recurring instance of the sign up. Changing the event's start date can automatically adjust all of the dates within the event copy. To bring your consistent volunteers into the copied event, either check the option to copy the volunteers when you create the event or use the Manage tab to add them quickly from Database Group(s) that you defined. ... If you already created a "reminder" email scheduled to go out some days before the event it can automatically notify your volunteers.

If you would like us to give you some specific advice or assistance creating a sign-up sheet for your scenrio, don't hesitate to contact support.