Potluck Dinner Example: How to add "what you are bringing"

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Potluck Dinner Example: How to add "what you are bringing"

Can you provide the step by step "design" info on how to add fields that allow volunteers to enter what they are bringing to the potluck (e.g. Dani is bringing beans). I'm looking at the example however can not sort how to set it up that way in my own ivolunteer.com account.

Searching through support forum but no luck yet finding the exact "how to".
The video for forms wasn't detailed enough to show that feature.


Hello,Here is how to add a


Here is how to add a custom prompt to your signup form:

  1. Select your event and go to Settings > Prompts.
  2. Click Add Prompt (or Edit for an existing custom prompt).
  3. Enter the label, i.e., "What are you bringing?"
  4. Check the Required box if you want to require volunteers to enter a value.
  5. Save the prompt, and then use the Confirmed Visibility dropdown list to select who can see the entered values. If you select Everyone, the entered text will be public.

I hope that helps! Just let us know if you have further questions.

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