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Printed List of Events

Surely I am missing something obvious. Is there a way to print a list of every event that I have created without any participant details, etc.? Again, I only want a list of events current, past, inactive, etc. Thank you!

Unfortunately at this time

Unfortunately at this time there is no way to run a report to generate a list of all the events your organization as ever run, without also giving you the participant details. 

The closest I can get is the Sign-In Sheet Report, which at the very beginning of the report generates a list of the events the report is being run across. This gives you no other information about the events, just their names, as well as generating a sign-in sheet for volunteers for every event listed.

To run this report across all of your events, go into one event's Reports tab and select the Sign-In sheet report. Make sure to select "Show All Events" and then check the box to "Select All Events". I would suggest, since there is no need for any other information off of this report, to deselect any other options. Then run your report.

Please let me know if you have questions or need help,


thank you

Thanks for your response!