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Send plain text emails

Hi there. First time caller, long time listener. Love your product.

I am, however, concerned about how many of the bulk messages sent from iVolunteer are ending up in my participants' spam folders. It's more than I can tolerate when it's about 20 per cent of a small list of core volunteers because each non-receipt requires another email exchange or a phone call or similar use of scarce time.

When I look at the spam rating headers my server adds to iVolunteer messages I send, I see the emails are actually pretty good. They rate at 1.1 or so in SpamAssassin where messages are rejected at 3.0 or above. (Message from your mom = 0.01, outrageous replica watch spam = 6.0+). (See below)

The only room for improvement is the fact that I can't see how to get iVolunteer to produce a plain text version of the email. Is that something I can do? Have just not figured it out?

Or is it a new feature request?


X-Spam-Flag: ⁨NO⁩
X-Spam-Status: ⁨No, score=1.005 tagged_above=1 required=4 tests=[DKIM_SIGNED=0.1, DKIM_VALID=-0.1, DKIM_VALID_AU=-0.1, HTML_MESSAGE=0.001, MIME_HTML_ONLY=1.105, SPF_PASS=-0.001] autolearn=no⁩
Content-Type: ⁨text/html; charset=utf-8⁩
Received-Spf: ⁨pass ( Sender is authorized to use '' in 'mfrom' identity (mechanism '' matched)); identity=mailfrom; envelope-from="";; client-ip=[deleted]⁩

Emails erroneously going to spam

Sorry to hear that an unusual number of messages from are being delivered to spam / junk mail folders. Preventing this has been a top priority since we started and we take significant steps behind the scene to make email coming from as reliable as possible.

Any service that is classificaed as a bulk emailer, which we are, is going have to deal with spam as an onging challenge. We use dedicated email servers hosted with Mailchimp and maintain an excellent email reputation rating. We take other steps to maintain our reputation, such as sending the same message bound for different addressed within the same domain with some seconds in between, and blocking future email to addresses reporting that sent them spam (this happens when someone intentionally or accidentally presses as "this is spam" button).

The SpamAssassin rating is heavily based on the content of each email. I took a look at some of your emails and other than being in all italics they look "clean" to me--so I am surpised they are being delivered to the spam folder; when customers have this issue often it is because they have overloaded the email with formatting or used an all-caps subject line. ... The fact that your emails are being delivered, although to the spam folder, suggests that at least the email provider is not certain that it is spam. Different email providers and different email clients are constantly modifying their algorithms. We think it would be unlikely that certain changes on our end, such as sending a text only email, would resolve this across all email clients and are even cause some clients to being considering it spam where they previously were not.

We have not recently been hearing from customers that email is being delivered to spam folders with any more frequnecy than usual. However we agree that we are seeing more email in general (unrealted to being delivered to spam folders. The tendancy of email in general to be erreneously delivered to spam folders certainly seems to vary over time, and we don't have a great single answer.

We typically recommend that users having this problem set in their email client the domain as a host they will accept all mail from. This is esepcailly true for administrators who may be receiving a lot more email more frequently including notificatoins from Sometimes just moving an email from a spam folder to an inbox may be sufficient to do that. It might be helpful to advise users to check their spam folder; we already do this for the initial confirmation email that goes to volunteers.

If you continue to experience this with many of your users please let us know, and let us know what event / emails it seem to be the most difficult and we can see how our sending servers are rating those emails.


spam folder emails

similar experience here. Volunteers are not seeing/finding emails from iVolunteer because not everyone regularly checks their spam folder. This is a big problem for making sure our volunteers are aware of events that we are posting. are their any tips you can offer to ensure our volunteers are receiving their email?


Emails going to spam

Hi Julia,

I'm sorry to hear your volunteers are having trouble with emails going to spam. As Tad recommended in his response above, you may want to ask your volunteers to whitelist the domain in their email apps. You could include a message to this effect on your home page to ensure that they see it when they sign up. Excessive formatting doesn't appear to be a problem in your organization's emails, but when you send an email with one large graphic, it's best to include a text version below the graphic. Image-only emails are likely to be treated as spam. Also, many email clients block images by default, so they may miss an important message if it appears only in a graphic.

I hope that helps!