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Sheet needs:
1) some metrics at the top including % of volunteers signed in and total confirmed registered volunteers.
2) the ability to confirm all non-confirmed volunteers with a single button that pops up a list of all unconfirmed volunteers. I had to go and find volunteers and confirm many manually who had signed up at the last minute.
3) the ability to filter out signed in people.
4) The ability to check a person in for all their slots with one check-box.
5) The ability to add an unregistered person for whatever slot you want regardless whether there are available slots. We ended up a couple times having to modify the Signup Sheet Design tab to add a slot, then numerous times going to the Manage tab to add a new volunteer, and finally going to the Sign-In Sheet to check them in. Very error prone and time-consuming. They also needed to see reports, so I ended up giving my registration volunteers 'Event Design' privileges because of this, which could potentially be a security issue if I did not trust them as I did.

I had 100 more volunteers than last year for our event (~375) and the registration went smoother because of your software and there were many positive comments regarding registration. Keep up the improvements. I hope to use it on this next year ( and other volunteer projects.



Thank you for your

Thank you for your suggestions! We have added them to our list to look at for future updates.