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Signup via Facebook user

I was thrilled with iVolunteer and looked forward to using it for our annual fall festival where we recruit dozens of students to help. But my wife nixed the idea when she reminded me that most of the students just don't use email. They rarely, if ever, check their email. Instead, they almost exclusively text or message by Facebook (or Instagram).
I think it would be a terrific addition to allow sign up via Facebook by giving the user the option to authenticate with Facebook and then choose slots.

Signup with Facebook

Facebook authentication is a great suggestion and already on our list of feature requests. We appreciate customer feedback as it helps us prioritize what to work on! Meanwhile keep in mind that does not make volunteers set up user IDs and passwords, just a name and email address (and any custom information you decide to ask for). Authentication takes place just once using their email address and then the volunteer is remembered on the device.