"View My Commitment" link from organizational iVolunteer home page

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"View My Commitment" link from organizational iVolunteer home page

Our volunteers have expressed a desire to have the "View My Commitments" link enabled on the organization's iVolunteer Home Page. Currently the instructions are to check their e-mail, or to click on an event to see their commitments.

Is there a way to enable the link as a variable so it could be placed at the top of each home page?

View my Commitments

Thank you for commenting! I have added a request for a Home Page version of the "View My Commitments" button to our list of considerations for future improvements to iVolunteerOnline. We appreciate feedback and suggestions, because we want to make sure we are providing the best service we can for everyone who signs up with iVolunteerOnline.

View my commitments

Any idea when a "View My Commitments" button will be available to insert as a variable to our front page(s)?

I have a workaround for this

I have a workaround for this on my homepage. I have a large link at the top that reads "Cancel shifts and view my commitment details" and linked it to the "My Commitments" URL. There is one in the lower left corner of the homepage, but it's very small. I've found that I get significantly fewer emails by placing the large one near the top.