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volunteer limit

I think it'd be great if you had an option that let you have more than 500 volunteers sign up. I'm surprised that this is the limit for all levels. Unfortunately, this will not be our program of choice due to that limitation.

Volunteer Limit

Ivolunteer.com does not limit events to 500 volunteers. Where do you appeaer to be running into a limit?

The type of subscription does limit the number of volunteers in your database before you have to either remove volunteers or upgrade, but that limit does not prevent you from creating events that can hold theoritically unlimited volunteers, nor does it prevent volunteers from continuing to sign-up for active events once the subscription's limit is reached.

Events and tasks within events can have theoritically unlimited volunteers (although we recommend breaking events up if you need more than a few thousand). Each slot within a task can have up to 1,000 volunteers.

There are settings at the Event, Task and Slot level that intentionally limit the number of times that the same volunteer can sign up for the same thing. Maybe this is where the confusion is? The default at the event and task level is 99, and the slot level is one, but you can change those (under Events > Settings > Display and Signup Sheet Design > a task tab > More Task Options).