Help wih creating titles+ descritptions of volunteer positions

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Help wih creating titles+ descritptions of volunteer positions

Hi all. A few questions if you all don't mind:

I've created my matrix where I have the title of the volunteer position as the row header and each column is one of the shifts for the volunteer action.  But in my event, I've got 10 different activities I need volunteers for. How can I insert the description of the activity/title I need the volunteers for?  I'd love to add a new column to the far right as another "header" so I could type it in there. I try to fit it all in the current row header but I have a few problems - you can't bold part of the text (to make it clear there is a title at the beginning), you can't insert a paragraph break to "create" a sense of a header," you can't seem to insert another column without it being a request for more volunteers.

I appreciate any thoughts,



You are correct that each column/row or row/column is a slot for requesting volunteer(s), and you currently cannot add description-only rows or columns. You can key a <br> tag into the headers to create a line-break within the header, but that is currently the only HTML tag that is supported in the row/column header. In the future we are likely to support more styles in the headers, however the headers were not originally intended to hold a lot of information.

The headers (row and column) combine to create short description of the given slot position.  So depending on the situation it's ususlly desirable to keep those headers pretty short.

If you need a significant amount of description for each activity, it might make sense to create multiple tasks instead of one task with many columns. Each task can have as much styled-text detail as you need (under More Task Options) in addition to its short description. In this situation you might also want to display the tasks as a list on the page instead of tabs, which you can change under the Settings > Display tab. Be sure to press Save after you change this option.