Creating and Managing Reminders

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In this video, we'll show you how to create and manage reminders within iVolunteerOnline.

To begin, we’ll click the Organization menu and then click the “Default Settings” tab. Below, we’ll click “Reminders/Email.” Here we can choose how scheduled emails will be sent for any new events we create in the future. This will not, however, affect any events we’ve already created.

Next, we’ll click the “Add Scheduled Email” button.

There are three types of emails we can schedule using the dropdown list: a confirmation, which can be used as a subtle way to remind volunteers they still need to confirm their slot, a reminder, and a Thank You.

We need to schedule a “Reminder” email.

We can also choose when to send the scheduled email. As you can see, there are several options to choose from. We prefer to have our reminder emails sent 7 days prior to our events, so we’ll choose this option.

We also want to schedule a Thank You email. So we’ll again click the “Add Scheduled Email” button and then choose “Thank You” from the dropdown list. We’ll schedule the email to be sent the day following our event and then click “Save.”

The dialog box reminds us that the emails we just scheduled will only apply to new events we create. We’ll click “OK.”

To see how this works, we’ll create a new event. We do this by clicking the Events menu and then clicking the “Add” button under the Events List.

We’ll select a “Start Date” and then click off this field to populate the remaining dates.

Next, we’ll click “Save” and then move on to the “Reminders/Email” tab. As you can see, the emails have been scheduled for our new event.

It’s important to note that if we copy this new event, the scheduled emails will also be copied. To demonstrate this, we’ll click the “Copy” button below the Events List. We’ll accept the default Name, Unique ID, and Start Date by clicking “OK.” Here you can verify that the scheduled emails have been copied to this event as well.

We now need to schedule an email for our Charity Basketball Game, which has already been created. We can do so by selecting the event from the Events List. We’ll add a Reminder email scheduled to go out 7 days before our event and click “Save.”

After carefully reading the Agreement dialog box, we’ll click “Yes.”

Our scheduled email is now listed showing the date and time the email will be sent and the tasks to be included in the mailing. The date and time are always set relative to the date of each task. Since we have two tasks, players and concessions, both volunteering on Dec 12th, the reminder emails will be sent at midnight on the 5th.

If we wanted to change the text in the Subject or Body of this reminder, we would click the “Reminder Template” button. This opens the reminder rich text editor. From here we could make the changes we need. Since we have no changes, we’ll click “Cancel.”

Even though our event is not for some time, we would also like to send our volunteers a reminder email now. We can do so by clicking the “Create to Send Now” button. We only want to send the email to the Players, so we’ll click the “Plus Sign” and unselect the “Concessions” box. We’ll then click “Send Now” and once again click “Yes” when the Agreement dialog box appears. When the email is sent, it is listed in the email schedule.

We hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful. If you have additional questions, please contact us or visit our Support Forum.