Sometimes, you may need to sign up volunteers for special tasks or roles. Here’s how to do that in your Event.

By default, anyone with the link to an active opportunity can sign up for a volunteer slot. However, some jobs require prior experience, special training, and/or proof of age. From search and rescue operations to beer festival sales to sports referrees, you want to make sure the volunteer fits the task.

The New Event Wizard steps you through the basics of setting up your Event or signup opportunity. Then you can fine-tune your settings further.

Restrict Signups to Special Groups or Your Entire Database

Group restrictions happen on the Task level in A Task is a flexible grouping of signup slots. Many of our customers use Tasks to separate out certain jobs that require expertise and/or prior vetting and training.

For example, suppose you need to sign up volunteers for a school soccer tournament. You’re happy for any parent to help with concession tents, but you also need some assistant referrees. You have a pool of experienced line officials already in your database, and you want to limit sign ups for the referree slots to only those people.

You have added a group in your database for these vetted volunteers. Now you want to make sure that only those participants can sign up as line officials for the tournament. Here are the steps to take:

  1. In your initial setup in the New Event Wizard, create a separate “Line Officials” Task.
  2. Then in your saved Event, go to Event Details & Actions > Signup Design. Click More Task Options (next to the gear symbol) to expand the tab.
  3. Click the Group Restrictions button. In the Group Restrictions settings, select your Line Officials database group. Optionally, edit the Restricted Message to appear to volunteers who are not in the group.
  4. Save your changes. Now only your Line Officials group can sign up for the slots in that Task.
screenshot of group restrictions options for volunteer sign up

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