Confirmation Emails

There are two kinds of Confirmation Emails, Required Confirmation and Confirmation Notification.

Required Confirmation

The purpose of Required Confirmation emails is primarily to verify a volunteer’s email address. The volunteer is not confirmed for the slots they signed up for until they click on the link in the Required Confirmation email. Since doesn’t require volunteers to create an account, this is a way for you to verify their email address and verify that they are who they say they are. IMPORTANT: If your goal is to make sure you send valuable information to each of the volunteers that sign up when they sign up, you should use the Confirmation Notification email (discussed below) instead.

There are three different Confirmation Modes you can choose from for Required Confirmation emails: Confirmation Required Once (default), Confirmation Always required, and Confirmation Never Required.

Confirmation Required Once (default) will send a Required Confirmation email to a volunteer only if they have never used their email address to volunteer with We recommend using this mode to make volunteering easy for repeat volunteers with your organization.

Confirmation Always Required sends a required confirmation email every time a volunteer signs up in the event. You may want to use this mode in certain situations to verify a volunteer’s commitment.

Confirmation Never Required will not send your volunteers a Required Confirmation email when they sign up. Note: Please be aware that if you use this mode you could end up with some bad email addresses and bogus sign ups.

Confirmation Notification

Confirmation Notification emails are sent to volunteers to let them know that they have been confirmed for the event they signed up for and are optional for the volunteer by default. If you have important information you want to make sure goes to every volunteer in an email when they sign up, you may choose to always send a Confirmation Notification email. Check the box in the Settings tab > Emails sub-tab that says “Always send Confirmation Notification to participant”. Then add your important information to the Confirmation Notification email for the event.

You can manage and edit your notification emails for your events in the Settings tab, Emails tab of your event.

Here’s a video that covers confirmation notification emails.