We have been using ivolunteer.com for a few months and are very glad we made the switch.  Before this we had tried a couple of different free sign up services.  ivolunteer.com is superior in every way.  Being a private high school, being able to use our own logos and colors and not having outside advertising on every page is very important to us.  Skutt Catholic has a huge fundraiser each year, Angel Flight, and getting the 100+ volunteer positions on-line and accessible to our entire constituency has made a great difference in the number of early sign-ups.

We also used this system for our Parent/Teacher conference sign-ups and our parents loved it!  We have 75 teachers, and they have conferences every 10 minutes, 4 hours a day for two days.  With 735 students to schedule for, you can guess this is an unbelievably complicated event to coordinate.  Before this the parents had to send in their top three time choices, for each teacher, for each of their children, and our office manager would slot them in once she received their mail, then send them a notice a couple of days before the conferences to let them know what times they had been assigned.  Extremely time consuming.  Now with a few clicks of a button our parents can choose the time slot THEY want, on the day they want, and get their confirmation within a few seconds.  Setting up the conference sheets was very easy.  We have recommend this service to a number of other schools and organizations in the area and will continue to.

Every time I sent a request, even on weekends, I got a response back within a short period of time and had my problems addressed immediately.  In today’s market that is fantastic.  Most companies route their help lines through third parties and it can take days to get a response, and sometimes multiple contacts before you finally get someone who can help.  Receiving an immediate response, from a real person, who actually knows what they are talking about, is priceless.