Assessing needs is one of the fundamental roles of fundraisers.  Fundraising is a term used for those who solicit donations to organizations so consider that Volunteer Managers are fundraisers too.  Volunteer Managers provide funds to a non-profit through the in-kind donation of time.  Volunteers are donors. What do they want and need from your organization?  The best way is to know is to ask.

Enjoy this article about what you can learn from Gloria Steinem.

Utilize your online volunteer management software to sign up your volunteers AND to continue communication with them in a fast and easy way. Follow up with volunteers after an event and ask what the organization could do to make the volunteer experience better, share those results with them, and determine how you can incorporate some of their ideas for the next event.  Give the volunteers credit for their ideas in the next volunteer recruitment e-mail.

The best way to sign up your volunteers online.