Database groups can be used to organize the list of volunteers in your Database into easy-to-manage sections based on whatever you decide you need. You can have groups for different age ranges, skill sets, areas your organization covers, teachers, and much more.

To create a group, go to the Database menu > Groups tab. This is where you can see your list of groups you have already created, select a group and see the volunteers who are in that group. Click on the “Add” button above your groups list to add a new group. Give your group a name that will make it easy to know who is in that group, such as “Over 18”, “CPR Certified”, “Smalltownville”, “Mrs. Smith”, or “Carpenters”, depending on the needs of your organization.

online volunteer management database categories

Once you have named your group, you can Add Members from your database, Add Members from Event(s) and Remove Selected Members to populate your group with volunteers.

You can then use the Groups to send email to specific groups of people in your database, restrict tasks based on the needs of the task, and create Custom Prompts that will allow your volunteers to add themselves to a group when they sign up.

Here is a video that goes over the basics of adding and managing Database Groups.