ivolunteer.com is here anytime you need us through our online training sessions.  Volunteer Manager can visit our website and visit any number of helpful hints and instructions on how to perform different task.  Brush up on how to send information to your volunteers.

Sending Information to Volunteers

During signups for your event, or during the event itself, you may find you need to communicate additional information to your volunteers about the event, their position, the location, etc.; You can do this by sending emails to your volunteers. There are two types of volunteer emails in ivolunteer.com that can work for this: Confirmation Notification emails or Reminder Emails.

Confirmation Notification emails

Confirmation Notification emails can be sent after a volunteer has signed up and verified their email address with your Organization. The Confirmation Notification template is found on the Settings tab > Emails sub-tab of your event. Here you can edit the content of your email. You can also mark the checkbox beside the template to always send Confirmation Notifications to your participants.

When the checkbox “Always send Confirmation Notification to participant” is checked, Confirmation Notification emails will be sent to your volunteers as soon as they have verified their email address for your event. If they have already done so, they will receive the Confirmation Notification email as soon as they sign up for the event. Adding information to this email and checking the box will quickly allow you to pass on information about the event that may not be on the signup sheet.

Reminder Emails

Reminder emails can be scheduled in advance of your event start date, or you can send them out as soon as possible. You can edit the Reminder Template for your event in the Settings tab > Emails sub tab of your event, or by clicking on the Schedule or Send Now buttons in the Reminders/Email tab of your event.

Scheduling Reminders allows you to set up a day and time in advance of your event to remind volunteers of their commitment. Clicking Send Now allows you to send the email as soon as possible. This is useful for communicating sudden changes to the event, corrections to previous emails, or reminding volunteers of supplies they may need to bring with them.

Using the Send Now option also gives you the ability to send the reminder only to volunteers in tasks you choose.

To learn more about emails and reminders, watch a video here.


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