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New Event Logo feature

Is the new feature of adding Event Logo fully functional? I kept uploading the file but was not able to add Logo to the event page.

Yes, the Event Logo feature

Yes, the Event Logo feature is fully functional.

We are aware of one problem with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), where the images that you upload will not appear if, when prompted by IE8, you answered "Yes" to NOT allow the display of mixed HTTPS/HTTP content. If you are using IE8 and answered "yes," exit the browser and start over. Log back into your iVolunteer account. When prompted for the iVolunteer web site, answer "No" to ALLOW mixed content. Now when you press Select in the Image dialog, any images you have uploaded will appear. This will be fixed in a near-future update of iVolunteer.

Specifically to set a logo for an event follow these steps:
(1) In the Logo tab for the event, press Set Logo.
(2) Press Select.
(3) If you need to upload an image, press Upload File, choose a file, check I Agree, and press Upload File.
(4) Press Select beside the image you with to use as a logo (e.g. on the Name Badge report or on your event's instructions).
(5) Optionally set a fixed pixel width and/or height for the image, or leave those blank to use the image's natural dimensions.
(6) Press OK.
(7) Press Save.

To include the logo on the event page: go to the Screen Messages tab, press Top Instructions, position the cursor where you want the logo to appear, select EVENT LOGO from the Insert Variable menu. When you preview your event or go to the actual event page the logo will appear. Alternatively you can insert the image directly into the instructions (instead of the variable) using the picture icon in the toolbar.

File/Image list not appearing in IE8 fixed

The issue with the file and image list not appearing in IE8 when mixed http/https content was disabled has been fixed.


I am trying to set up my Logo to be included on name tags. Unfortunately, each time I try to set it up and save it, the colors change. Can you tell me what I am doing incorrectly? Thanks!

Images with CMYK color models may display wrong colors

Sometimes iVolunteer is unable to accurately read colors in image files with CMYK color models. The best solution is to obtain a version of the image in JPG format with a RGB color model. You may be able to do this simply by opening the graphic file in any image editing program and re-saving it. Or e-mail, let us know which file uploaded to your account you are having trouble with, or attach the file to the e-mail and we may be able to fix it for you.


Color issue due to large image with CMYK color model

I suspect the color problem was a result of a combination of the file having a resolution larger than 2000 pixels and having a CMYK color model. When an image file has a vertical or horizontal resolution larger than 2000 pixels iVolunteer attemps to reduce it to 2000 pixels, which works well with most images. The color problem was probably due to the re-sizing. Manually re-sizing an image below 2000 pixels before you upload it should prevent this problem. For best performance and good quality printing on name badges we recommend a vertical or horizontal resolution of a few hundred pixels and no more than 1000 pixels.