Do you need to pre-screen your volunteers? Ever wished you could integrate background checks with your ivolunteer account? With a Standard or Premium account, now you can!
We are excited to announce that we have partnered with BackgroundCheckology™ to provide background checks for your participants in the United States. BackgroundCheckology is a leader in the background screening industry. They provide simple, fast, safe, and reliable background checks.

Here’s How It Works

Go to BackgroundCheckology’s website to learn more and create an account, or click here to get started now.
Within 24 hours, BackgroundCheckology will create your account and send you two different links for your participants to start their background screening.  One link is for when your organization will be paying for the background check. The other link is for when the participant will be paying for the background check.
Once you have these URLs, you can plug them into in your Organization Settings under the new Background Checks tab.  Using new variables, you can include these URLs in your home pages, event pages, or emails just as you would use other variables.

background check settings in

If you have a Premium ivolunteer account, you can utilize two new starter templates: one for participant pays and one for organization pays. These help you request that your participants perform a background check.  Additionally, we’ve added some tools to your Database to allow you to track background check status for each of your participants.
If you have any questions about this partnership/integration, please contact us at