ivolunteer.com is dedicated to making your events run as smoothly as possible. We take in all our customers’ suggestions and comments and we strive to create the most seemless experience for everyone who organizes and manages volunteers, participants, parents, runners, and more. The best way to do that is having the ability to see how many people have signed up, when they signed up, and where they will be going. But it can be a hassle to log in every day – or even the day of the event – to check that information. Because of this, we have added the ability to schedule reports to be sent directly to administrators as they need them.

To set this up, you’ll go into your Event’s Reports tab and create exactly the report you would like to see. Then, instead of hitting the “Run Report” button, you’ll click on the “Save and Schedule” button. This will open a menu to save the format of the report, choose how often the report will be run across a certain amount of time, and to which administrators this report will be sent to. When you’re done, click on the “Save and Schedule” button to prepare the report to go out at your chosen time. Or, if you would rather just save the report for later use, you can switch to “Save Only” on the “Save or Schedule” dropdown menu, and then press the “Save” button when you’re finished.

Now, you’ll have a fresh report run on your event every day, every other day, or weekly – hot off the presses!