It is interesting how many times the human element of volunteering is disregarded.  Sometimes we assume that since someone would like to volunteer that they are open to anytime and anything.  Let’s face it, lives get busy! 

In the car the other day, there was a story on the radio that hit home.  A woman called in and was very upset about a work situation.  She was so excited to get an e-mail last week about holiday pot luck in her company.  She immediately signed up with a dish she was proud to share.  This weekend on her usual grocery store run, purchased all the ingredients for her famous dish.  Full of the spirit of the season, she returned home to prep.

Two days before the potluck, she received another e-mail.  This time the e-mail was to apologize to her but she could not bring the dish that she requested and might she bring something else.  The woman cried at the sight of the e-mail.  Her frustration was not that she needed to change her pot luck item, but had she known sooner she would not have put her time, money and energy into an item she could not share.  At this point, she did not even want to go to the gathering.

The sad part is that no one is to blame.  The coordinator of the pot luck was managing everything while doing her full time job.  There was not a real time system in place to gather the information and have individuals sign up for each dish category. was created to add ease to the sign up process. is the perfect system for any event, tournament, race, fundraiser, or anytime signups are required.  Below are some of what our current clients utilize our program for:

  • Festivals
  • Potluck dinners
  • Annual corporate events
  • Parent/Teacher conference sign-ups
  • Fundraisers
  • Conferences
  • Church Services
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Committee Assignments