Thousands of organizations are meeting the challenges of social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19. We here at are no exception. With disinfecting wipes in hand, we’d like to offer two suggestions for “spring cleaning” your account while you wait for life and volunteer scheduling to get back to normal.

Prune Your Database

If you have used for any length of time, you probably have some inactive participants in your database. Clearing them out periodically can help administrators more easily manage volunteers and can prevent you from going over the limit of your plan.

database maintenance

Under Database > Participants, you can use the ACTIVE dropdown list to see participants who have not been active for a specific length of time–for example, “Not for 2 Years.” After you’ve applied the filter, you can select participants for removal manually or in bulk. To select all, click the More… button and then select Select All. You’ll be asked to confirm you want to select the whole filtered result list. Then click Remove Selected.

custom promptsUpdate Your Database

This is a great time to update any information that you store about your volunteers, such as their mailing address. You can do this by creating an “Update Your Info” Event and adding custom prompts (Event Details & Actions >  Prompts) to collect the information you need. Standard and Premium subscriptions allow you to:

  • create unlimited custom prompts (Free accounts can create two per Event)
  • link those prompts to database fields to keep the information updated in your general participant database

With a Premium account you can also add custom fields to your database to store special info such as t-shirt size, special volunteering preferences, etc. Then you can map custom prompts to those fields.

Once you’ve created your “Update Your Info” Event, invite your volunteers to it the same way you would invite them to a scheduling Event. Invitation emails normally are a Premium feature, but we are making them available to Standard subscriptions through the end of 2020.