Volunteers are the heroes to many organizations.  They donate their time, enthusiasm, and many times do the work that no one else would like to do.  We say thank you, give them tickets to events, have a luncheon, but is that enough?

Think about the big picture when it comes to volunteers.  Organizations depend on volunteers so shouldn’t they do everything possible to retain their loyalty?  The volunteer experience will determine if an individual or group will donate their time on a regular basis or event at the same event next year.  The experience starts with how easy it is for the volunteer to sign up.  Yes, getting people to sign up is one of the hardest parts. 

Online volunteer sign up is a great way to streamline the process for volunteers.  In fact, the online sign up can be a duty given to a volunteer to manage.  The easier the process as far as choosing volunteer duties, volunteer slots and also training schedules will enhance the volunteer experience.  The online sign up will also allow your volunteers to share the sign up with friends and others that would like to volunteer.

check out this great blog about the characteristics of Superheroes and volunteers.  In this scenario, the online volunteer signup would be like Super Friends headquarters.