The Rich Text Editor allows you to edit HTML messages while having only a limited knowledge of HTML. Editing using the Rich Text Editor is similar to editing you would do using popular word processors but with a few differences.

Most important, you can insert variables using the Insert Variable dropdown list in the Rich Text Editor’s toolbar. The variables in the list will be specific to the type of message. You can also manually add a variable, but in order to work, it must be:

  • in all uppercase
  • surrounded by brackets: [ ]
  • an available variable for the type of message

To reduce problems with variables, we highly recommend using the Insert Variable dropdown when inserting variables.

Note: In most cases you can copy and paste from other editors or web pages into the Rich Text Editor, and the formatting will remain intact. In this way you can use whatever fonts or formatting that you wish. When using copy and paste in this way, it is totally up to you how the final product will appear. Keep in mind that not all fonts will be available on all systems that may be using