On the Organization Details > Administrators tab you can add administrators, edit administrator information and roles, and remove administrators from your organization.

Administrators come in four fun flavors:

  • ORGANIZATION – Can do everything the Primary Administrator can do except update information on the Organization Details tab.
  • EVENT DESIGN – Can manage, view reports, send email, create new events, modify design of assigned events, and assign other event administrators to those events.
  • EVENT REPORTING – Can access Manage, Preview, Email, Reports, Sign-in (if Track Attendance is on) and Activity Log tabs for assigned events.
  • EVENT MANAGE – Can access only Manage, Preview and Sign-in tabs for assigned events.

Technically, you could say there are five different levels of administrators if you include the Primary Administrator: this is the person who originally set up the ivolunteer.com account or, if your account has changed hands, the person whose information is on the Details tab of the Organization. The Primary Administrator is the only one able to edit the information on the Organization Details tab and to renew or change the account subscription. Otherwise, an Organization administrator can do everything that the Primary Administrator can do.

Note: To change the Primary Administrator of your account, first make sure the new Primary has been given the Organization Administrator role. Then go to the Organization Details tab and click the Change Administrator… button. Select the new administrator from the list.