1. Click on the Events menu.
  2. If you have removed the sample event your events list will be blank. The list also will be blank if you only deactivated the sample event but used the filters to clear it out of the way. Otherwise, your events list is where the sample event is.
  3. Click the Add button above the list of events.
  4. Enter an Event Name, Unique ID, Event Start Date, Event End Date, Signup Start Date, and Signup End Date. You can go back and change the values of these fields at any time.

    create a new event

    1. For easy reference, the Unique ID should match the event. For example, if my event is a Wrapping Booth, I might want my Unique ID to be “wrap.” The Unique ID will become part of the URL or web address your volunteers will use to sign up for your event. E.g. http://myorganization.ivolunteer.com/wrap.
    2. Choosing the dates for your event is important to ensure that all slots, reports, and emails go out on time.
      Please also remember to check that your time zone for the event is correct so that volunteers will receive their emails on time. You can do this by going to Settings > Date/Time in the event.
  5. When you have finished putting in these details, click OK. You now have a new event!
  6. Next, verify the contact information that volunteers should use to reach out with questions or comments about this event. This information defaults to the administrator who created the event, but you can change it to someone else.
  7. Verify the location of the event.
  8. Click the Save button to save your changes.