The signup sheet is where volunteers will enter their information to volunteer for your event. There are a few questions to consider before creating your signup sheet:

  1. What will volunteers be volunteering for? Will they be doing a job for a period of time (e.g., working for an hour wrapping presents) and/or supplying some resource (e.g., bringing a pair of scissors)? If volunteers will be both working and supplying resources, consider dividing the event into multiple tasks–for example, having one task for work and another for resources.
  2. How many volunteers do you need?
  3. Is this a one-day event, or does it span multiple days?

Note: See the sample luncheon event for a somewhat complex signup sheet example.

Follow these steps to quickly create a signup sheet:
  1. Select the applicable event in the Events menu.
  2. Click on the Signup Design tab.
  3. Click on the Add Task button.
  4. Give the task a relevant title – for example, “Setup” or “Cleanup.” If you plan to have only one task, it may be appropriate to give the task a generic name such as “Signup Sheet” or even “Volunteer.”
  5. The task date will default to the event start date, but you can change it to another. For example, if each task you create happens on a different day, you can set the date of the task accordingly.
  6. Decide what your rows and columns will be. For example, will the columns contain the times or a description of the job?
  7. Add as many columns and rows as you need, setting the headers with times, descriptions, or both.
  8. If you need more volunteers for a particular slot position, click on the Edit button for the slot position and set the number of volunteers you need.

Note: Saving your changes and switching over to the Preview tab will let you see what the signup sheet will look like to your volunteers. You can select to view the sheet as a volunteer will see it on desktop, phone, or tablet devices.