Display Tab

The Display tab is where you can choose your event-specific Terminology and the way your Tasks and volunteers in Slots are displayed.

The Event section includes additional settings for how an event is displayed.

  • Terminology – Participant Actions (Verbs): Sets the verbs used for the event. E.g. If you change the verbs to [Participate, Participated, Participating] the button to volunteer will say “Participate”. A confirmation email’s subject line might say “Is Ken Participating in The 2011 Food Drive?” Note: You may also need to adjust screen messages and email text so that your messages appear as intended.
    The options for this field are:

    • Aid, Aided, Aiding
    • Attend, Attended, Attending
    • Bring, Brought, Bringing
    • Commit, Committed, Committing
    • Consign, Consigned, Consigning
    • Donate, Donated, Donating
    • Help, Helped, Helping
    • Join, Joined, Joining
    • Participate, Participated, Participating
    • Register, Registered, Registering
    • Reserve, Reserved, Reserving
    • RSVP, RSVPed, RSVPing
    • Schedule, Scheduled, Scheduling
    • Serve, Served, Serving
    • Sign up, Signed up, Signing up
    • Volunteer, Volunteered, Volunteering
  • Participant Title (Noun): This is the title use to refer to a participant for your event. E.g. Volunteer, Participant, Attendee, Person. Note: You may also need to adjust screen messages and email text so that your messages appear as intended.
  • Participant Title Plural: Plural version of the Participants Title. E.g. Volunteers
  • Optimize on Mobile Devices: allows you to toggle on/off the ability for volunteers signing up on a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone to see the mobile view of the signup sheet. You can preview the mobile view in the Preview tab of your event by selecting “Volunteer (Phone)” or “Volunteer (tablet)”
  • Count Slot Limits and Group Restrictions by: When a slot limit is set, you can choose how many times an email address is counted towards a volunteer by choosing whether just the email counts toward the slot limit or whether the email address must be connected to the same name to count toward the slot limit.

The Task and Slot sections provides additional settings for how tasks are displayed.

  • Repeat Column Headers – choose how often the column headers are repeated for large tasks
  • Slot Width – choose how wide your slots are. Your choices are narrow, normal, and wide. Your preference for the Slot width can depend on how many and what kind of Custom Prompts you may be using, what looks best for your event, and how large your Column Headers are.
  • Slot Section – additional settings for how slots are displayed.
  • Slot Taken Visibility (who may see names of confirmed volunteers) – who will see the names of confirmed volunteers in the slot. You can choose to show the names of confirmed volunteers to Everyone, to All Confirmed Volunteers and Administrators, or to just the Confirmed Volunteer in the Slot and the Administrators.
  • Slot Taken Display Format (shown to everyone) – how the slot will appear on the signup sheet to everyone who visits the signup sheet once the slot has been taken. Options are:
    • First Name – shows only the volunteer’s first name. E.g. “Ken”
    • Last Name – shows only the volunteer’s last name. E.g. “Smith”
    • Full Name – shows the volunteer’s full name. E.g. “Ken Smith”
    • First Name Last Initial – shows the volunteer’s first name and last name’s initial. E.g. Last revised 12/04/14 16
      “Ken S.”
    • First Initial Last Name – shows the volunteer’s first initial and last name. E.g. “K. Smith”
    • Initials – shows only the volunteer’s initials. E.g. “KS”
    • Other – determined by the value entered in the “OTHER” field.
    • None – shows nothing
  • OTHER (shown to everyone): text to show when OTHER is selected in the “Slot Taken Display Format” field above. The literal value of OTHER will be used unless the value in this field matches a label you defined in Custom Prompts. In that case the value of the custom prompt will be used. E.g. If the value of OTHER is “Taken” and there is no custom prompt label that matches “Taken” the slot will display “Taken” when it is taken. If you entered “Nickname” in the OTHER field, you defined a Custom Prompt labeled “Nickname” and the value that the volunteer entered for “Nickname” is “Smitty”, “Smitty” will be displayed when the slot is taken.
  • Slot Taken Display Format (shown to confirmed participants) – how the slot will appear on the signup sheet to other confirmed participants once the slot has been taken. Options are the same as in the Slot Taken Display for everyone.
  • Slot Needed Display – what is shown to volunteers when a slot is still available. Options are:
    • Available
    • Needed
    • Open
    • Total – show only the total signed up
    • Money (Premium) – show the total money committed
    • None – don’t show anything