The Info tab under Event Details & Actions includes the following options:

Details Section

  • Show on Organization Home Page or Hide: Use this option to choose which Organization Home Page you would like the event to show up on. You can also choose to Hide the event, which will make the event accessible only but the Event URL.
  • Event Url: A click-able link to the web address for this event.
  • Event Name: The name of the event.
  • Unique ID: Identifies this event. The Unique ID is also used as part of the event URL.
  • Security Mode: Options include:
    • Public: Anyone who can find the link on the Internet will be able to access this event.
    • Password: Only users that provide a matching password defined in the Password field will be allowed access to the signup sheet.
    • Security Mode Password: Required when Security Mode selected is “Password”.
  • Kiosk Option & Password: Kiosk Mode is a special mode for the signup sheet which allows participants to sign up without having to confirm by email. It is intended as a way to easily signup volunteers at a meeting or some other gathering. When you check that you want the Kiosk Option and provide the kiosk password, this will add an extra link in the upper right corner of the Volunteer Signup Sheet titled Start Kiosk. When someone you have designated clicks on this link, they are prompted for the password you created. Successfully entering this password will put the Volunteer Signup Sheet into Kiosk Mode. In Kiosk mode when a volunteer signs up, they are immediately confirmed.
  • Short Description: A short description of the event.
  • Website: A link on you organization’s website with more information about this event.

Note: For security we do NOT allow search engines to index signup sheets. However, if you post a link to this event on a public website, others will be able to find it. If you are concerned about random people volunteering for your event, consider using a password.
Dates Section

  • Event Start Date: The date this event starts. When you change the start date of an event, the system will prompt you to change all other dates in system relative to the start date change.
  • Event End Date: The date this event ends (the end date is inclusive).
  • Signup Start: The date that volunteers can start signing up for slots.
  • Signup End: The inclusive date after which volunteers can no longer signup up for slots.
  • Self Cancellation Ends: Allows you to choose from a variety of options on when you would like to allow your volunteers to cancel their slots from their Participant page. This also includes the option to turn self cancellation off so your volunteers are unable to cancel their slot without contacting the event contact or administrator first.

Contact Section

  • Contact Name: The full name of the contact for this event. This information defaults to the administrator creating the event.
  • Contact Email: The email address of the contact for this event. You can specify two email addresses if they are separated by a comma.
  • Phone: The phone number for the contact for this event.

Location Section

  • Street Address: street address of where this event is taking place. If applicable.
  • City: The city where this event is taking place.
  • State: The state where this event is taking place.
  • Postal Code: The postal code where this event is taking place.