On the Prompts tab under Event Details & Actions, you can add custom prompts to request additional information from volunteers. You also can control the visibility of the information that volunteers enter.

Prompt Visibility: Controls who will be able to see the entered values of Email, First Name and Last Name once a slot has been confirmed.

Note: The default for all prompts is Not Visible – Administrators Only.
Email and phone (custom prompts) fields cannot be visible to Everyone.

Custom Prompts: Allows you to define extra prompts that will be requested when a participant signs up for a slot. To add a custom prompt:

  • Click the Add Prompt button.
  • Give the new prompt a label: e.g, “Nickname.”
  • Give the prompt a short description: e.g., “Enter another name you go by.”
  • If you want to make the prompt required, check the “Required” checkbox.
  • Pick the type of prompt you want to create. The ivolunteer.com system supports adding fields of the following types:
    • TEXT – free form text entry field.
    • NUMBER – Only allows numbers. You can define the format as well as the minimum and/or maximum values allowed.
    • DATE – Only allows dates.
    • DROPDOWN – A list of items from which to choose.
    • CHECKBOX – Checked or un-checked: e.g., “I certify that am over 21”
    • EMAIL – Only accepts valid email addresses.
    • PHONE – Only accepts valid phone numbers.

Note: Custom prompts will appear after the required prompts Email, First Name and Last Name in the order that they appear on this tab. You can edit or remove custom prompts by clicking the Edit or Remove buttons. Additionally, you can set the confirmed prompt visibility using the Confirmed Visibility dropdown to control who can see the prompt once it has been confirmed.