The Organization Details > Home Pages tab is where you can customize the appearance of your home pages. The primary home page is always, where organizationid is your organization’s unique id. You may add more home pages if you want to customize pages for different sections of your organization or if you simply want an easy way to group your events. Each secondary home page will have its own unique ID in the URL, with your organization’s primary unique ID staying the same. E.g:

Just click on the Add Home Page button to begin with a fresh template for a new home page. Options include:

  • Home Page Title: The title that will be displayed for this page if a Home Page Title checkbox is checked under Layout.
  • Visibility/Accessibility: The options for visibility and accessibility of a home page include:
    • Tab alongside Home Page or by Url: Volunteers will be able to access the page either by tab or by direct entry of the URL.
    • Hidden (Accessible by Url Only): Hidden home pages are accessible only to volunteers who have the URL to the page.
    • Disabled (Not Accessible): Select this option if you want to disable a secondary home page completely.
  • Unique ID: The ID that will appear after your organization’s main URL, e.g.,
  • Layout: This section contains options for the layout of the home page.
    • Home Page Title: Check this box to place the home page title above the welcome message.
    • Welcome Message: The message that appears at the top of the home page to welcome your volunteers. This field is edited using a Rich Text Editor which works in most web browsers.
    • Home Page Title: Check this box to place the home page title below the welcome message.
  • Event Display Type: This field lets you choose how volunteers will select active events on the Home Page. Options include:
    • Drop-down: The events appear in a drop-down list with event names, dates, and status in the selected order.
    • List: The events are listed on the page as individual, clickable links with information in the selected order. This option lets volunteers see all of the events at a glance.
    • Table: The events appear in table rows with the selected columns–event name, date(s), status, etc.
    • None: Events will not be displayed on the home page.

Note: If you select to display events, the display will include only active events that are not hidden and that have not already occurred.

  • Event Sort Order: This field determines how active events are sorted. Options include:
    • Natural Order: Events are shown in the order they were created.
    • Name, Start Date: Events are sorted first by event name and then by start date.
    • Start Date, Name: Events are sorted by first start date and then by event name.

Placing Events on Specific Home Pages

To place events onto different home pages:

  • Go to the “Events” menu and click on an event or create a new event.
  • Click on the Details tab.
  • Under the Show on Organization Home Page or Hide category, click on the drop-down box and select the home page on which you would like for your event to appear. Here you can also select to “Hide” the event, making it accessible only by URL.