At the top of each event, you will see a static pane of key event info and functions.

event info pane

This pane includes:

  • The Event Name
  • The Event Address, or URL link
  • The following buttons:
    • Save: Saves the changes made to this event.
    • Activate: makes the event active if the event is currently in-active. Active means that people will be able to volunteer for this event provided the current date also falls within Scheduling Start and Scheduling End dates.
    • Deactivate: Makes the event inactive if it is currently active. Inactive means that people will not be able to volunteer for this event. If volunteers are already signed up for this event, they will no longer see it as one of their commitments on their participant pages.
    • Reload: Reloads the event. If you have unsaved changes, you will be warned that you will lose the changes by reloading and asked to confirm.
    • Re-Use: Creates a new copy of the event.
  • Signup Start and Signup End Dates
  • Percentage of Open and Filled Slots
  • The QR Code: the funny pixelated square graphic on the right-hand side. The QR code is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone. We generate a unique QR code for every event created using You can click on it to make it bigger, print it out, post it around your school, workplace, town, city, etc. to let smartphone users read it and be sent instantly to your event.

Note: To hide the top pane as you work, click the Expand button expand button in the upper left corner of the lower content pane. To collapse back to the original view, click the Collapse button.