[vc_row][vc_column width=”5/6″][vc_column_text]In the New Event Defaults under Organization Details, you can adjust the default settings for any new events your organization creates. New events are events that are created by clicking on the Add button in the Events menu instead of by copying an existing event. Copied events will have the same settings as the original event, whereas new events will have the settings that are defined in the New Event Defaults tab.

The options under New Event Defaults are almost identical to the options for an Event that you create under the Events menu. Click here to review those settings.

new event defaults

After making any changes in a tab panel or dialog box, be sure to click Save.

Under New Event Defaults for your Organization, you will find these tabs:

  • Display: This tab lets you choose defaults for your event-specific terminology and the way your tasks and volunteers in slots will be displayed. These settings mirror the Event Display Options for specific events.
  • Layout: This tab allows you to select defaults for the information that will appear on your signup sheets. These settings mirror the Event Layout Options.
  • Prompts: These settings allow you to set the default visibility of email and name prompts as well as to create custom prompts for volunteers. These options mirror the Event Prompts.
  • Dialog Messages: These settings allow you to set defaults for signup and event availability messages, as needed. The options mirror those of the Event Info Messages.
  • Emails: This tab lets you define the default subject and body of all of the email types. These settings mirror the Event Emails tab.
  • Date/Time: This tab allows you to define the date and time settings for new events. These settings mirror those on the Event Date/Time tab.
  • Scheduled Emails: These settings provide defaults for the Event options under Send Email. Use the Add Scheduled Email or Edit Template button to add a default scheduled email to be applied to any new events you create.
    Note: Changes you make to Organization Default Settings DO NOT affect any currently defined events. Defaults settings are ONLY applied to any newly created events.To Schedule Reminder Emails:

    1. Click on the Add Scheduled Email button.
    2. Select the Type “Reminder” (default) from the Type field.
    3. From the When field, pick the number of days before your event that you would like the reminder to be sent.
    4. Click the Save Schedule button to save your changes.

    To Schedule Thank You Emails

    1. Click on the “Add Scheduled Email” button.
    2. Select the Type “Thank You” from the “Type” field.
    3. From the “When” field, pick the number of days after your event you would like the thank you to be sent.
    4. Click the “Save” button to save your changes.

    Note: When Scheduled Emails go out, the Event Contact (default) will get an email showing who received the emails. Click here to learn more about Email Notifications.


  • Sign-In: Here you can choose whether to track Event attendance by default. For more about Sign-In Options, click here.
  • Logo: Here you can set the default logo for Events. When you click Set Logo… and then Select…, you will have the option to upload a logo.
  • Payments: Premium accounts have the option to receive payments. On this tab you can select Manual Payments, PayPal, or Stripe as the Event default. Each provides additional options for display and payment preferences.

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