Under the Organization menu you can make changes to your Organization’s details, home page, and default settings and manage your ivolunteer.com subscription. The organization-wide default settings here will apply any new events that you create. For that reason, it’s best to customize these settings in the beginning before you start creating events.

Note: Most of the default settings apply only to new events. However, the Colors and Tracking options under Settings also apply to all existing events.

Organization Default Settings vs. Event Settings

Event settings are unique to each event. When a new event is created, a copy of the Organization’s New Event Defaults becomes part of the new event. When an event is copied, its settings are copied to the new event as well. Modifying event-specific settings will NOT affect the settings of any other event; nor will it affect the Organization’s default settings.

Reverting to Default Settings

At any time you can use the Revert button to revert your Organization’s default settings back to the System default settings–the settings that were in place when you created your account. If you do revert, any custom changes you made to your Organization settings will be lost. Likewise, you can revert individual event settings to the Organization defaults. Clicking the Revert button on settings for any Event will revert the selected Event’s settings to the Organization’s defaults.

The following sections explain the uses of each tab under the Organization menu.