The default settings that were created when you signed up for should suffice for most events. However, there are a few settings that you may want to tweak. The settings below can be found under the Event Details & Actions and Event Settings sections of your selected event.

Event Details & Actions

  1. Layout Tab: Signup Sheet Top Instructions and Bottom Instructions – This is where you can give potential volunteers some extra information they might need before making a decision to volunteer. Tip: Click the “Save” button to save your changes. You may then click on the “Preview” tab to see the Signup Sheet the way volunteers will see it.
  2. Prompts Tab: Custom Prompts – When a volunteer signs up, they are required to enter their email address and their first and last name. If you need to collect other information (e.g., a phone number, or a t-shirt size) from volunteers when they sign up, you can do that with Custom Prompts. Click the “Add” button to add any extra information that you need to collect. Note: Custom Prompts can have many options.

Event Settings

  1. Display Tab: Slot Taken Display Format – This is how a volunteer’s name will be displayed when they have signed up for a slot. Your options are
    • First Name – shows the volunteer’s first name only
    • Last Name – shows the volunteer’s last name only
    • Full Name – shows the volunteer’s full name
    • First Name Last Initial – shows the volunteer’s first name and last initial (e.g. John H.)
    • First Initial Last Name – shows the volunteer’s first initial and last name (e.g. J. Hancock)
    • Other – shows the literal value of the Other field. If the Other value matches a label you defined in the Custom Prompts. In this case, then the value of the custom prompt will be used. E.g. if the value of Other is “Taken” and there is no custom prompt label that matches “Taken” the slot will display “Taken” when it is taken. If you entered “Nickname” in the Other field, and you defined a Custom Prompt labeled “Nickname” then the value entered for “Nickname” is used. For instance, if a volunteer put “Smitty” as their “Nickname” then “Smitty” will be displayed when the slot is taken.
    • None – doesn’t show anything when a slot is taken.
  2. Emails Tab: Notification Options – By default, Event Administrators will receive an email when a volunteer confirms or cancels. You may want to change this to the Event Contact or turn it off altogether.
  3. Date/Time Tab – verify your Time Zone and any other date and time settings.

When you have finished making changes, remember to save your work by clicking the “Save” button.

Note: The Event Details & Actions and Event Settings tabs offer many options that are not covered in this brief section. Go to the section on settings to learn more.