The Sign-In tab allows you to sign in your volunteers electronically at your event. A connection to the Internet at your event is required for sign-in.

To use the Electronic Sign-In:

A Primary Administrator or an Event Administrator (with Design permission), must first navigate to the new Sign-In tab for an Event and check the Track Attendance check box. A list of all signed up participants will display for all slots closest to the current date. You can change the dates to any of the other dates in your Event by selecting a date in the Date dropdown list.

  • Use the Group/Sort to change the order of participants listed. You may also filter the list by entering a partial name or slot description in the Contains field and then pressing the Filter button.
  • To sign-in a participant, simply check the Sign-In checkbox next to the participant’s name.
  • To customize Sign-In settings, click the Settings… button. Here you can:
    • Set the default sort order.
    • Show / Hide unfilled slots. This can be helpful for volunteers who are not registered but show up at the event.
    • Show / Hide already signed-in participants.
    • Select the default prompts to show on the Sign-In Sheet, e.g., “T-Shirt size.”

Note: Enabling Track Attendance affects the Participants Report. When Track Attendance is not enabled for an event, the Participants report simply totals hours from each slot that a volunteer was signed up for on the event. When Track Attendance is enabled for an event, the Participants report totals only those hours that a volunteer was also marked as Signed-In for. Whenever total hours reported for a participant excludes slot hours for which the volunteer was not signed in, an “X” indicator will appear at the right end of the line for that participant.