Adding Columns and Rows

Use the Add Column and/or Add Row button to obtain the proper number of columns and rows. After pressing Add Column or Add Row, you will be prompted to enter the header information for the new row or column. New columns are added to the far right of the sheet, while new rows are added at the bottom of the sheet.

task signup sheet columns and rows

Removing a Column or Row

Click the red minus (-) button on the row or column you wish to remove.

Moving a Column or Row

Click the desired direction arrow button on the on the row or column you wish to move.

Editing Column or Row Headers

Click on the Edit Header button of the Column or Row you would like to edit.

Enter any header text in the provided field as appropriate for the header.

Note: You can also leave the header text blank if you are only interested in presenting time values. To force a line break, you can use a
tag in this field. Please note that the only HTML tags that can be used in this field are <b>,<i>,<u>,
,<a>,<img />,. This is to help prevent Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in

If you need to specify a time for this row or column, you can use the From / At time and (if needed) a To time. Note: Generally it’s recommended that you only specify times in only one axis (only rows or only columns but not both). In some cases you may want to specify times in the “Header Text” if you need more control over the time format.

Click the OK button when you are done making changes to the header.

Editing Slot Positions

Click on the Edit Slot button for the slot position you would like to edit.

From here you can modify the number of volunteers needed for the slot position and the number of hours. Setting the number of volunteers to zero (0) prevents volunteers from signing up for the position. The number of hours for the slot is computed automatically from the headers, but you can override this value if desired.

Click OK when you are finished making changes to the slot.