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“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda Jedi Master To take a page from our favorite Jedi Master’s playbook, we have eliminated the ivolunteer.com trial and have replaced it with a free subscription. As always when we talk about free at ivolunteer.com we mean it. We don’t want any payment information from …

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Lessons Are All Around Us

Assessing needs is one of the fundamental roles of fundraisers.  Fundraising is a term used for those who solicit donations to organizations so consider that Volunteer Managers are fundraisers too.  Volunteer Managers provide funds to a non-profit through the in-kind donation of time.  Volunteers are donors. What do they want and need from your organization?  …

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Creating meaningful communication

This is a great article!  Thanking volunteers and showing them how important they are to the organization is crucial.  Online volunteer management software, ivolunteer.com, provides an instrument for Volunteer Managers to easily pull reports on the success of an event or project so that they can relay the information to the volunteers.  The online volunteer …

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Find Their Passion

Why would we do anything we are not passionate about?  Big joke, we know as many people spend endless hours a week doing things that we do not enjoy.  The point is, when we have a choice we want to do something that either we are passionate about or that we know with help us …

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Assess yourself

Volunteer Managers wear many hats.  This is a great uplifting article on ways to start the New Year right and also see how incredibly important you are to the success of the organization. Assessment tools for team building

Expand your donor pool, in the nicest way possible

Are you having trouble getting your donors to volunteer?  Check out this blog with helpful hints that may ease your mind about asking. https://donordreams.wordpress.com/2016/01/21/there-is-a-recipe-to-follow-when-recruiting-volunteers/      

Are you ready for success?

Managing volunteers is always about the “what if” scenario.  Planning ahead is a key to being prepared for success regardless of the stumbles along the way.  What if we do not have enough volunteers, what if we have too many volunteers, what if we are not as busy as expected?  Be prepared for the least …

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