Tell Them Your Story

Volunteers are a great resource in collecting stories.  They are on the front line and hear or see stories of how your organization has made an impact on the community.  Use your online volunteer management software to collect information after an event or solicit information after a volunteer shift while the story is still fresh in their mind. 

Take a look at #DonorLove webinar on how to use stories to solicit more volunteers and more donors.

Take Care of Your Volunteers

Engaging your volunteers helps your organizations bottom line more than you think.  The best way to engage your volunteers is to make them a part of the success stories.  Utilize the e-mail features in your online volunteer management software to update them on how their time matters.  Volunteers who are invested in an organization may give more of their resources beyond volunteer hours.  Research shows that a volunteer is 4x more likely to give financial contributions as a person who does not.

Show your volunteers you care.

Lessons are All Around Us

Assessing needs is one of the fundamental roles of fundraisers.  Fundraising is a term used for those who solicit donations to organizations so consider that Volunteer Managers are fundraisers too.  Volunteer Managers provide funds to a non-profit through the in-kind donation of time.  Volunteers are donors. What do they want and need from your organization?  The best way is to know is to ask.

Is Your Volunteer Pool to Narrow

Diversity adds so much to an organizations reach within a community.  How can a Volunteer Manager expand their reach with a static database?  The answer is simple, you can’t. 

Online volunteer management software will allow Volunteer Managers to open their volunteer pool by creating online volunteer sign up’s that can be shared through e-mail, social media, corporate e-mail shares, and any creative way you can find to share the link.

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