Spring is for Volunteering

Winter is for New Year's Revolutions and Spring is for implementation.  Volunteering is a great way to not only support a worthy charity, but to improve your life.  If you told yourself you will exercise more this year, sign up for a fun run.  Do you want to meet new people?  Volunteering at events is a great way to make connections with like minded people. 

Want to accept payments? We need testers

Volunteer Managers, please share this with the development department.  Ivolunteer.com is a great volunteer management software but we can also set up your account to accept payments.  What a great way to combine campaigns.  This is a great way to recruit new volunteers, increase support, and locate new donors.  In exchange, you can ask the development department to make a volunteer ask in their solicitations. 

Give it a try for free and see what your results can be.

The Many Personalities in a Non-Profit

Volunteer Managers reside in the sometimes crazy world of non-profit.  Ivolunteer.com understands the long hours and sometimes intense environment of your world.  That is why sometimes we just like to share articles and blogs to lighten your mood.  A happy Volunteer Manager is a productive Volunteer Manager. 

Enjoy this article about all the fun personalities you encounter in the non-profit world.

Ivolunteer.com Tip of the Month

Using Tasks in an Event

Every event starts with one task. The tasks are where your signup sheets are located. You can have multiple tasks in an event, which help you break down and section off your event as needed. This can be helpful if you have a long event spanning several weeks or months. If you have several different jobs in an event it can help break down the event into those separate jobs as well. Here are some examples:

What's New?

We've added some features that will make using Ivolunteer.com easier!


Mobile Version is Live!

When someone navigates to one of your events on a mobile device, they will be greeted with a view that's optimized for their device (phone or tablet). If the volunteer decides they want to use the full version of the site on their device, they can easily switch using a button at the bottom.


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