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Share Stories to Engage Your Volunteers

Working together brings families, neighbors, and the community together.

Stories and videos inspire and engage your volunteers.  Share videos on how volunteers impact the community and bring people together through your online volunteer management system.  It is easy to do and will bring you great results.

The best way to sign up your volunteers online

Tell Them Your Story

Volunteers are a great resource in collecting stories.  They are on the front line and hear or see stories of how your organization has made an impact on the community.  Use your online volunteer management software to collect information after an event or solicit information after a volunteer shift while the story is still fresh in their mind. 

Take a look at #DonorLove webinar on how to use stories to solicit more volunteers and more donors.

Try it for FREE

Non-profits are always watching the bottom line.Development Officers are always looking for donations whether monetary or inkind donations.  Here is a chance to try out new avenue for collecting donations for FREE!  Volunteer Managers can add this system to their volunteer requests through their online volunteer management software at no cost.  Volunteers are more likely to provide financially and it is a way to reach new potential donors.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity to raise money for your organization.

Spring is for Volunteering

Winter is for New Year's Revolutions and Spring is for implementation.  Volunteering is a great way to not only support a worthy charity, but to improve your life.  If you told yourself you will exercise more this year, sign up for a fun run.  Do you want to meet new people?  Volunteering at events is a great way to make connections with like minded people. 

Want to accept payments? We need testers

Volunteer Managers, please share this with the development department. is a great volunteer management software but we can also set up your account to accept payments.  What a great way to combine campaigns.  This is a great way to recruit new volunteers, increase support, and locate new donors.  In exchange, you can ask the development department to make a volunteer ask in their solicitations. 

Give it a try for free and see what your results can be.

Take Care of Your Volunteers

Engaging your volunteers helps your organizations bottom line more than you think.  The best way to engage your volunteers is to make them a part of the success stories.  Utilize the e-mail features in your online volunteer management software to update them on how their time matters.  Volunteers who are invested in an organization may give more of their resources beyond volunteer hours.  Research shows that a volunteer is 4x more likely to give financial contributions as a person who does not.

Show your volunteers you care.

To Comma or Not to Comma

Why is whether or not to comma upsetting so many people?  We are in a world of constantly changing trends and it is not always clear which ones to follow and which ones to ignore.  For Volunteer Managers, this may depend on who your audience is and will be for communication.  Remember one clear point, when requesting volunteers either through e-mail communication or through the online volunteer management software, you are writing to reach them and not for yourself.  This will keep the content of your message strong instead of diminishing it through responses to your mes

What's New?

We've added some features that will make using easier!


Mobile Version is Live!

When someone navigates to one of your events on a mobile device, they will be greeted with a view that's optimized for their device (phone or tablet). If the volunteer decides they want to use the full version of the site on their device, they can easily switch using a button at the bottom.


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