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Using Tasks in an Event

Every event starts with one task. The tasks are where your signup sheets are located. You can have multiple tasks in an event, which help you break down and section off your event as needed. This can be helpful if you have a long event spanning several weeks or months. If you have several different jobs in an event it can help break down the event into those separate jobs as well. Here are some examples:

Online Volunteer Management Software Training At Your Convenience

Learn how to maneuver through your online volunteer management system on your own time.  This latest video will show you how to setup your event and task dates in Ivolunteer.com. It's important to setup your dates correctly to run a smooth event.

How Dates Work


The best way to sign up your volunteers online

Helpful Volunteer Recruitment Tips

Is it overwhelming trying to figure out how you will begin recruiting volunteers for your upcoming event? Serviceleader.org has some great tips on the steps you need to go through to begin your recruiting process such as:

1. Clearly identify volunteer needs and position descriptions.

2. Know what you have to offer - the "cost" and benefits of volunteering.

3. Plan a recruitment approach based on volunteer needs and position descriptions.

4. Implement your plan.

Adding features everyday at Ivolunteer.com

New Email Features to Our Online Volunteer Management Software

Invitation Emails

You can now send email invitations to participants for your event from the new Send Email tab. 

The Send Email tab is located within the event, and is where you can send and schedule invitations to the event, reminder emails and thank you emails.

Communicate expectations to your volunteers

It happens all the time!  We take a job, buy something online, or order something from a menu and then it happens..."Well this is not what I expected at all!"  This could be a positive experience or a negative experience but either way there is a disconnect with your understanding of a product/service and the actual product/service. 


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