We want to make sure you have all the help you need for the best possible online volunteer scheduling. To that end, our CFO (Chief Fluffy Officer) Charley, who lives and codes with co-owner-developer Tad, reviews the latest features of ivolunteer.com. Charley wants to call your attention to the “Select a Template” step in the New Event Wizard. But we’ll let her speak for herself:

Charley: Bark! Bark! … Bark Bark Woof!
Translation: The dog walking template is pure genius! You can schedule for weeks ahead. Hey, Tad, isn’t it time for my daily stroll in downtown Roanoke? I signed you up for all the slots.

Chief Fluffy Officer Charley, a golden doodle, sitting on chair at computer screen in ivolunteer.com office

Online Volunteer Scheduling: We’ve Got a Template for That

Dog walking is just one signup sheet template that you can start from in the New Event Wizard. Instead, for example, you may need to schedule slots for parent-teacher conferences or volunteer servers for an annual festival. Whatever you’re scheduling, we’ve got a template to make it easier.

screenshot of template for online volunteer scheduling for a dog walk or visit / photo of ivolunteer.com's mascot Charley

Volunteer managers from a wide range of organizations have found a pre-made, customizable template to streamline their signup sheet setup. For longtime customers who are used to the “Classic Mode” of volunteer scheduling, you still have all the tools that you’re used to. However, when you start with a template in the New Event Wizard (the default when you click Add+), many aspects of initial setup are easier.

For example, suppose you have a recurring weekly need for volunteer scheduling. In the past, the setup would have involved several manual steps under Signup Design. Now, you can start from an online scheduling template and automatically build out the weekly volunteer slots until your end date.

weekly task setup in New Event Wizard for online volunteer scheduling

Have a unique online scheduling need and don’t see a match? Try one of our extra flexible generic templates. Still don’t see what need? Let us know!

screenshot of ivolunteer.com New Event Wizard template selection step with filter to show generic online volunteer scheduling templates