We already have so many volunteers signing up…

…and I’ve had absolutely NO PROBLEMS! 🙂 I love your website and find that it is very easy to navigate.
Michele, Volunteer Coordinator, Valrico, FL

ivolunteer.com is wonderful and it’s so easy to use!

Stacey, Park Operations Coordinator – Recreation & Special Events San Luis Obispo County Parks, CA

I searched high and low for a tool like yours…

…and can tell you, that from what I see, ivolunteer.com is everything I was looking for and FAR more.
Marty, Web Admin, San Jose, CA

I love ivolunteer.com. It has enabled our festival to move away from paper-based signup sheets…

…that were kept (and, often lost) by our committee chairpersons. It also helps everyone involved with the Festival keep abreast of what committees are struggling to find volunteers. What I love most about ivolunteer.com, is that it continually improves the functionality of the site. And, it is flexible enough to enable me to change the way our signups work, based on the needs of a specific committee. For example, for one committee, I don’t want the members of our database to sign up. Instead, I need external volunteers. I can set up ivolunteer.com to prevent certain people from signing up for those activities. For a potluck dinner event, I added a field prompting the volunteer to provide information about the dish that he or she is bringing. The only limitation to this product is your imagination.

This tool has been so successful for our organization, I was recently recruited by another local event to set up an ivolunteer.com site for them. In the next couple of weeks, I will be getting the details about how the Barefoot in the Park event wants to use ivolunteer.com.

I like ivolunteer.com so much that I have put together a slide presentation about it that I am planning on presenting to annual meeting of the Southeastern Festival and Events organization. I am eager to share what I have learned with others who have similar jobs.
Alana, Duluth Fall Festival, Duluth, GA

We used ivolunteer.com for our work with client Xcel Energy on their annual event, the Xcel Energy Day of Service.

With the goal of engaging 1,000 community members across the state of Colorado, ivolunteer.com was a cost effective way for us to organize volunteer event options (with lots of logistical information) in one platform. Community members with questions about the options could all be directed to one platform that housed all the information.

The ability to customize the landing page, event pages, and correspondence with event attendees along with the aid and assurance of a customer service rep. was a tailored combination we couldn’t find from other vendors. My favorite feature is the customized automated response. Within less than 24 hours, we were able to send personalized notes to each of our nine event location groups, thanking hundreds of volunteers when it mattered most.

I couldn’t have asked for better customer service from the ivolunteer.com team. They worked with us each step of the way, customizing our event pages until they were perfect. The team was always available if we had a question about managing our event pages and worked with us extensively to optimize the platform’s capabilities to our needs. I would recommend ivolunteer.com and their consultation services to other organizations. When working with organizations that have limited budget, ivolunteer.com is a great cost-effective and customizable tool that is very user-friendly. Their consultation services ensure the user piece of mind when executing any volunteer project or event.
Brinn, Vladimir Jones and Xcel Energy, CO

ivolunteer.com has saved us countless hours…

…by providing our high-school with a fantastic online service to recruit and coordinate volunteers for a wide variety of school events. Recently, we also used it to schedule parent-counselor meetings. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive and the administration of events is simple and flexible while allowing all sorts of customizations. What distinguishes ivolunteer.com from all other software services is its fabulous customer support. Not only are they responsive and professional but they listen carefully to their customers, are creative and always extremely helpful. As the administrator of ivolunteer.com, I would highly recommend it to any school or organization of any size which needs to manage sign-up sheets.
Lisianne, Volunteer Coordinator – Notre Dame High School, San Jose, CA

We are very happy with the way ivolunteer.com sign-up works for GoodSamaritan Network…

…in coordinating the numerous events, countless jobs and hours for our volunteer online sign-up capabilities. Our volunteers feel it is quick and simple…and we feel it was easy to set up and works wonderfully well by allowing us to focus on the event and our volunteers!!!
Jim, Communications & Operations Director, GoodSamaritan Network, Fishers, IN

We have been using ivolunteer.com for a few months and are very glad we made the switch.

Before this we had tried a couple of different free sign up services.  ivolunteer.com is superior in every way.  Being a private high school, being able to use our own logos and colors and not having outside advertising on every page is very important to us.  Skutt Catholic has a huge fundraiser each year, Angel Flight, and getting the 100+ volunteer positions on-line and accessible to our entire constituency has made a great difference in the number of early sign-ups.

We also used this system for our Parent/Teacher conference sign-ups and our parents loved it!  We have 75 teachers, and they have conferences every 10 minutes, 4 hours a day for two days.  With 735 students to schedule for, you can guess this is an unbelievably complicated event to coordinate.  Before this the parents had to send in their top three time choices, for each teacher, for each of their children, and our office manager would slot them in once she received their mail, then send them a notice a couple of days before the conferences to let them know what times they had been assigned.  Extremely time consuming.  Now with a few clicks of a button our parents can choose the time slot THEY want, on the day they want, and get their confirmation within a few seconds.  Setting up the conference sheets was very easy.  We have recommend this service to a number of other schools and organizations in the area and will continue to.

Every time I sent a request, even on weekends, I got a response back within a short period of time and had my problems addressed immediately.  In today’s market that is fantastic.  Most companies route their help lines through third parties and it can take days to get a response, and sometimes multiple contacts before you finally get someone who can help.  Receiving an immediate response, from a real person, who actually knows what they are talking about, is priceless.
Janet, Skutt Catholic High School, Omaha, NE

We use ivolunteer.com for the annual Homeless Stand Down, a big and complex 3 day service event in which over 770 volunteers serve over 1,200 men, women and children facing poverty and homelessness.

ivolunteer.com’s easy to use format enabled us to register groups and individual volunteers for 15 donation sorting days, 3 set up days, and 3 event dates which feature 3 staggered shifts and 10-15 different volunteer positions. We received many comments from volunteers who found the system easy to use and few phone calls from volunteers who needed help maneuvering the online registration system.

Whenever I called with a question I received prompt, professional, clear support. Also, ivolunteer.com is always interested in feedback in order to make their versatile online registration system even easier to use.

I’d definitely recommend ivolunteer.com to other organizations that are working with large numbers of volunteers. It’s easy to manage administratively, quick and easy to register for volunteers, and at a price that can’t be beat. It’s the best, simplest, and most versatile online registration system we’ve used so far. It’s saved us hours and hours in time, frustration, postage, and printing costs.
Toni, Interact Cleveland, Cleveland OH

I would like to express appreciation to ivolunteer.com for the significant part that you and your software played in support of our Mass Vaccination Clinic during the height of the vaccination effort in 2021.

Our clinic ran for five months straight, five days per week, 10-12 hours per day and involved numerous shifts and over a dozen roles. We used ivolunteer to recruit, vet, register and check-in over 2,500 volunteers….these volunteers, who registered through your system, enabled Loma Linda University to vaccinate around 50,000 residents from San Bernardino and the surrounding community.
DP, Chief Information Officer, Loma Linda University