volunteer signup for recurring event

Setting Up a Recurring Event

Many organizations have a need to set up recurring volunteer slots. In other words, their ivolunteer.com “Event” is not a single event but a regular volunteer signup need over time. In an Event’s Signup Design tab, you can create a Task that spans one or more weeks or an entire calendar month. These options are…

copy an ivolunteer.com event to re-use it

Copy an Event

Problem: Events take a long time to set up. You spent a ton of time getting the instructions, settings, structure, slot times, reminders, thank you emails set up for an event.  Now you want to set up this same or a very similar event for next week. Solution: Re-use your work from the last event….

how to set up a block of volunteer slots

Block of Slots

The Problem: Single Signup for Multiple Slots You’re setting up an event where you have/need a finite number of resources, and you have volunteers who can consume/provide more than one of those resources each. Examples: You have limited seating at an event, and you want to allow people to bring friends with them. You only…