We use ivolunteer.com for the annual Homeless Stand Down, a big and complex 3 day service event in which over 770 volunteers serve over 1,200 men, women and children facing poverty and homelessness. ivolunteer.com’s easy to use format enabled us to register groups and individual volunteers for 15 donation sorting days, 3 set up days, and 3 event dates which feature 3 staggered shifts and 10-15 different volunteer positions. We received many comments from volunteers who found the system easy to use and few phone calls from volunteers who needed help maneuvering the online registration system.

Whenever I called with a question I received prompt, professional, clear support. Also, ivolunteer.com is always interested in feedback in order to make their versatile online registration system even easier to use.

I’d definitely recommend ivolunteer.com to other organizations that are working with large numbers of volunteers. It’s easy to manage administratively, quick and easy to register for volunteers, and at a price that can’t be beat. It’s the best, simplest, and most versatile online registration system we’ve used so far. It’s saved us hours and hours in time, frustration, postage, and printing costs.