Have you ever sat through multi-day training sessions on a new database system or new software and by the time your system goes live and ready to use….you have no idea what to do?  This happens all the time.  The problem is calling support for additional assistance also costs additional dollars.  That does not save a non-profit time or money.

ivolunteer.com wants you to use their product, not just purchase the software.  The online database is easy to use and navigating through the system is a breeze.  In the event that you forget how to use a function, ivolunteer.com includes online training programs you can refer to any time you want…free of charge.  

Check out our session on multiple home pages.

Multiple Home Pages

Your organization home page is where your events are located on ivolunteer.com. Your Primary Home Page is the main page all your events will be on when you create them. You can access your primary home page by going to:


Where “[myorganization]” is your organization’s unique ID.

The Home Pages tab is where you can customize your Primary Home page, and create additional home pages for your organization. You can view this tab in the Organization Menu.  

Creating multiple home pages can help you to separate groups of your organization, and can provide an easier way of organizing events. It lets you customize several pages for different sections of your organization with a separate unique ID for each new home page.

To begin, go to the Organization Menu | Home Pages tab and click on the “Add Home Page” button to begin with a fresh template for a new home page.


Edit the appearance of your home page using the rich text editor, changing the event display type, and changing the visibility and accessibility options.

Once you have created a new home page, you can select to show events on that home page in the Details tab of your events. By using the dropdown menu titled “Show on Organization Home Page or Hide” you can choose which organization home page you would like your event to appear on.


To learn more about Home Pages, visit our FAQ page or go to the section of our .