How do I schedule Reminders and Thank You emails?

To schedule an email for an event, go to the Event page and select the event you wish to schedule an email for and go to the Reminders/Email tab.  Click the Schedule button.  This will pull up your Organization Default email templates.  You can further edit them here.  When you’re finished editing your templates, you can choose from the ScheduleSend Me a Test EmailSave Template, and Cancel buttons at the bottom of the template.

  • The Schedule button schedules the emails for the time set relative to the date of the slot that was volunteered for.
  • Send me a test email sends a test email to make sure all links, as well as the variables, are configured in a way you like.
  • Save Template allows you to save any changes made to the default template specific to your event.
  • The Cancel button cancels any changes made. The next time you click on the edit or schedule buttons on the Reminders/Email page, the template will revert back to the Organization Default.