What can I change on my Home Page?

You can change the Home Page TitleVisibility / AccessibilityUnique ID (not available on the Primary Home Page), Event Display TypeEvent Sort Order, and the Welcome Message.

  • Home Page Title – this is the title for your Home Page. E.g. “My Organization’s Events.”
  • Unique ID – is the extra part of the URL for accessing the Home Page only from the URL.  E.g. “http://myorganization.ivolunteer.com/myuniqueid.”  You may not modify this for the Primary Home Page.
  • Visibility / Accessibility – how your home page will be accessed and how it will display.  Options are:
    • Tab alongside other Home Pages or URL – the home page will appear as a tab with any other home page that has this option.  IF there are no other home pages with this option no tab will be visible.  The page can also be accessed by its URL.  See Unique ID above.
    • Hidden – the Home Page may only be accessed by its URL
    • Disabled – the Home Page is not available for viewing.
  • Event Display Type – this defines how the events will be displayed on the page.  There are several display options available.
  • Event Sort Order – How the events will sort on the page.
  • Welcome Message – The welcome message will appear at the top of your Home Page.  Customize this to welcome your potential volunteers.