Why doesn’t ivolunteer.com support sending text messages as Reminders instead of using email?

We are occasionally asked to add support for sending text messages in addition to or instead of email. Text messages are something that we are still considering. However there are two challenges with texting. One is that bulk texting is much more expensive than e-mail so we would probably have to charge extra for this; there is no such thing as “reliable unlimited free texts” when it comes to sending texts in bulk. The second challenge is that U.S. law requires that volunteers opt-in to receive texts, and this appears to be more strict than with e-mail. Administrators would not be able to simply send a volunteer a text until the volunteer indicates that he or she is willing to accept texts from ivolunteer.com. As more phones seem to support e-mail the number of requests to send texts has seemed to diminish. With that said, if enough customers continue to ask for this we may look more closely for a solution.